Planck on the radio

Adam Walton, presenter of Science Cafe
Adam Walton, presenter of the Science Cafe

The Science Cafe radio show on BBC Radio Wales visited Cardiff University and spoke to astronomers and cosmologists working on Planck and its "sister-mission", Herschel.  Adam Walton, the presenter of the Science Café, spoke to Professor Peter Coles about the sound of the Big Bang.  He followed that up by discussing the Planck mission with Professor Peter Ade, and finally discussed the results with Dr Chris North.  Moving on the Herschel, Adam discussed the mission with Professor Matt Griffin, Professor Steve Eales, and PhD student Sarah Harry.

The programme was first broadcast on Sunday 24th October, and is still available on the BBC iPlayer.  To hear what Adam and his guests had to say about Planck and Herschel, listen to the programme here (available until Sunday 31st October).